Connect with Old Friends | Networking

Here is a proven way to reconnect with your old friends

You simply find an excuse to followup with them and then ask them how they’re doing.

What do I mean an excuse?

An excuse means something that makes you think about them.

And the best excuses are something in common.

Here is an example I used recently.

Ed, I was in Wales 2 weekends ago and it brought back memories of how we enjoyed England defeating Wales in the Rugby at Vardiff. How have you been?

My excuse (and what we had in common) was being “in Wales at the Rugby” and then I asked him how he was doing.

Here’s another example I used recently.

Phil, I was shooting some Basketball yesterday and it reminded me of when you used to play for me at Walsall How have you been?

My excuse in that example was basketball and how he used to play to play for me which is what we had in common

The script is simple and effective.

It opens up the communication and allows you to invite the person to look at your business later.

Try it out today and let me know how it works out.


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