6 Tips to save money on energy in the home | Everyday Essential Services Strategist

You know every year when winter comes, so does your heating bills and thats when i get a pay rise for a few months... Smiles

Now a large number opf people live on a shoe string and now disposable income after all the bills have been paid, but you know you can save money on your bills - 1) Is by switching to another provider and so lower the bills at the end of the day gas and electric is still coming though the same pipes its only who you pay the bills to so does it really matter who you pay if you get a lower biull?
2) There is also another way or a way that by combing your switch to another provider and that is by the following tips which could save you several hunndreds of Pounds and Dollars a year

1) Light a Candle

This is not for warmth - smiles - but for the purpose of doing a little detective work.
Hold the flame near windows, doors and light fixtures and look for smoke moving in a horizontal direction.
If you see this, it means you have spotted air escaping, and it means heat is leaving your home easily and costing you money...

Solve the issue by using caulk or weather-strip, around the area of the air leak, or consider adding some insulating material.

2) Keep windows covered when it’s dark outside.

This will help you to reduce heat loss and keep cold air at bay, especially if you have older windows.
But be sure to let in the light during the daytime these rays from the sun will help to heat your home.

3) Do Not Let Your Heat Escape Unnecessarily. 

Keep all your doors and windows shut when the heat is on.
If you have a fireplace that you are not using, make sure the flue is closed and any glass doors are in place to reduce any heat loss.
In addition any ventilation fans, turn off when they are not needed.

4) Lower your thermostat. 

You will not notice a huge difference if you turn it down just a few degrees. This move that can shave 5% to 10% off your energy bill. Also turn down the heat whenever you leave your home for several hours.

5) Trap heat that’s there anyway. 

There are so many activities you do around the house that generate heat, example cooking a meal, example taking a shower. Now when you take a shower, keep the bathroom door open so steam spreads to other rooms, plus do not turn the ventilation fan on as this will rapidly remove the warm air you’re hoping to keep around.

6) Learn to Love Your Socks. 
You know when your feet feel cold, your whole body feels cold, yeah? so wear socks around the your home in the winter. If you are still feeling cold, put on a sweat shirt or sweater or wrap a blanket around you rather than turning up the heat.


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