Screen Time Widget

Recently introduced by Apple and shows you where your time is going!

Ideally, the Social Media category will be non- existent...

To install the Screen Time widget:

• Swipe to the Today Screen do this by swiping right from your home screen.

• At the bottom of the Today screen, select Edit. This will bring up a list of apps that have widgets.

• Tap the green plus button for Screen Time to enable the widget, and then tap and hold on the three-horizontal-lines button to reorder the widget to be near the top. 

You’re going to use this widget as a reality check against your own biased memory.

Obviously the target/goal is for you to use your mobile less, and and ofcourts to use the Social Media Sphere apps a lot less.

This Screen Time Widget will inform you if you are succeeding...



Apps (13)
Books (8)
Films (25)
Legal (1)
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