Set up Your Medical ID

Medical ID feature makes key medical information available to strangers when your phone is locked.

If you are incapacitated during a medical emergency, a stranger can go to your power-oBn screen (long press right button and volume up on modern iPhones). That’s where your Medical ID info will be.

• Go to Health App > Medical ID > Edit

• Add an emergency medical contact.

• Medications and medical conditions will be public to anyone who picks up your mobile!!! Should this concern you, place a note instead: “Call emergency contact for medications and medical conditions.”

• I have not filled in my blood type. I have never know a Paramedic to carry blood smiles  they will instead pump you with fluids instead. 

Medical ID have a couple of practical benefits for you.

• You lose your mobile and someone finds it they can call your emergency contact.

• You have a life-threatening situation, doctors can call your emergency contact.


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